The exhibition combines the articles of Universal Declaration of Human Rights and some quotations of representatives of Polish humanistic thought in an original way. It reminds how important it is to respect human rights in every aspect of life.

The first art of the exhibition invites you to make a travel to different corner of the earth. It encourages to travel deep into yourself and to stimulate your imagination. The aim of the exhibition and our expedition is to reach the sources of brotherhood. This is a global message of peace and hope.

In the second part of the exhibition some photographs are accompanied by selected quotations which are the treasures of Polish humanistic thought. This is exactly how nobly and wisely Poland reminds of human rights. The heritage of Polish thought accompanied by the photographs from Wilanów and other homeland places becomes a multidimensional act of the heart before our eyes. For Everybody.

The exhibition has been organized under the honourable patronage of the Ombudsman and UN Information Centre in Warsaw being a part of Polish celebration of the 70th anniversary of Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Presentations of the exhibition:

Museum of the Palace of King Jan III in Wilanów: 19 February – 10 March 2015.

Cultural Centre “Zamek” in Wrocław: 9 October – 2 November 2015.

National Museum in Kielce – Museum of the Dialogue of Cultures: 18 November 2015 – 10 January 2016. 

Piast Castle in Racibórz: 4 – 31 March 2016.

National Museum in Szczecin – Dialogue Centre Upheavals: 5 August – 2 September 2016.

International House of Culture in Międzyzdroje: 6 September – 6 November 2016.