“The Journey of Beautiful Souls” 

The Royal Palace Dance Scene invites you to a multimedia exhibition of beautiful interiors of the King Jan III’s Palace at Wilanow.

Starting 1st July on the ground floor of the Palace the visitors will be able to see a motion picture performance showing chambers of the Palace in a very special and unique artistic convention. A specially created depiction using music, dance and artistic implication will guide you to the world of your own imagination. The creators present to you our Palace in reference to the old times, fairytales, poetry and a beautiful better world.

Welcome to the world of magic for a motion picture performance “The Journey of Beautiful Souls”.

Place: ground floor of Wilanow Royal Palace
Time: during opening hours of the Palace
Tickets: Entrance based on a valid Palace or Garden ticket

Choreography and dance: Carmelia Mai Belle
Direction: Maciej Byczkowski
Production: ENSI Art and Museum of King Jan III’s Palace at Wilanow