The Royal Palace Dance Scene

The Royal Palace Dance Scene has been created to help show beauty of the King Jan III’s Palace at Wilanow by the means of dance, music and picture. Everything that happens here is magical and that magic is what we invite every visitor to share with us while visiting our museum. In every corner the visitors can discover unknown, dormant worlds and bring them to life. Everything swirls to the rhythm of music and spectators use their imagination, to grasp and understand the mystery and beauty of so many arts, times and fascinations hidden in the Wilanow Palace.

The Royal Palace Dance Scene is simultaneous and multidimensional. Creates projects for multimedia performances, mappings and a living space. It encourages experiments.  It inspires aesthetic experiences while encountering art in a beautiful surrounding. Inspired by fascinations and travels of King Jan III’s – the creator and other sensitive art lovers – the old inhabitants of the Wilanow Residence, we uncover our mysteries.

A Voyage-Performance “The Journey of Beautiful Souls”

Here is the Palace
Beautiful in its artistic soul
Seductive with its craft

Here is the Dance
Inspired with the interiors of King Jan III’s Palace at Wilanow
Here every place tells an extraordinary story
And imagination takes us to distant lands of art

Follow the guide created by Music and Dance.
Let yourself be enchanted for Art is Magic…