The theatre is a school of weeping and of laughter, a free forum, where men can question norms that are outmoded or mistaken and explain with living example the eternal norms of the human heart and feeling”. (Federico Garcia Lorca)


Performance-concert devoted to Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the poetry and music.

The project of performance-concert has been prepared for the needs of the idea of human rights in every aspect of life to be disseminated. In some manner it is the voice of heart and as such it takes different forms depending on the needs of the event where it is performed.

Presentations of the performance:

Premiere of performance “All Human Beings”: 6 December 2012.

The event took place on the 6th of December 2012 in Ossolinski Palace in Sterdynia during the XVIth Congress of Information Safety Administrators organized by ENSI.

Mrs Anna Seniuk, the star of Polish theatre, and “Opium” quartet were invited to the first performance.

It was a touching and poetic show whose climate was perfectly matched to the time topic and significance of the meeting.

Presentation of performance “All Human Beings” within the framework of European Year of Citizens: 1 December 2013

Presentation of performance “All Human Beings” during the inauguration evening of cultural and educational project „2013. European Year of Citizens” in the Polish Theatre of Arnold Szyfman in Warsaw performed by Anna Seniuk and Andrzej Seweryn accompanied by Trio De Varsovie.